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Gemma Giles,
Executive Operations Manager

Gemma manages the business operations of SNfMH so no two days are the same. She is our lead for developing and delivering training programs to our team to ensure we deliver the best service to our end-users. You’ll also see Gemma out and about networking on behalf of SNfMH, building our corporate partnerships and spreading the word about our projects, activities and workshops.

When she’s not being our Executive Operations Manager, Gemma designs and makes shoes, and wedding bouquets in her spare time.

Gemma’s Top Wellbeing Tip: You’re entitled to a re-charge day, lie on the sofa watch films and just rest. You are not a machine, we all need that time out every now and again. Doing this can positively impact our professional and personal lives.


Beth Wilde,
Charity Administrator

Beth supports the whole charity with all of the administrative tasks, which include payroll, raising invoices, generating reports, supporting staff, HR duties and anything else that the rest of us don’t get round to doing! Beth is the backbone of the SNfMH back-office and we’d be well and truly lost without her!

Beth’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Try and take a few hours a week for just YOU.


Alison Jerram,
Fundraising & Development Officer

Alison has the unenviable, yet vital task of applying for funding for the mental health support services provided by SNfMH. She also spends her days looking out for new fundraising opportunities for the development, sustainability, and ongoing success of our services.

Alison’s Top Wellbeing Tip: When the sun is shining, find time to go outside and enjoy it!


Kate Tromans,
Volunteer Manager

Kate’s role is to recruit, train and support our lovely volunteers. She makes sure that they feel part of our charity and their community. Our volunteers have lived experience of mental health so we use this knowledge to help support others.

Kate’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Going for a walk or being outside is one of the quickest ways to improve wellbeing.


Carolann Hastilow,
Project Co-ordinator

Carolann manages and oversees two projects within SNfMH. Military Mindset offers support to the armed forces, veterans, and their families, and our Reach Out project delivers emotional wellbeing sessions around Staffordshire.

Carolann’s Top Wellbeing Tip: The smallest steps can make the biggest changes.


Isobel McFaul,
Project Support Officer

Isobel supports all of our Project Coordinators within the charity, and assists with administration and fundraising. She has also worked closely with the recruitment of volunteers to ensure that they gain the correct training and development to enhance their life skills and confidence.

Isobel’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Find an exercise or activity that you enjoy, and it will never feel like hard work!


Jane Newport,
Engagement Officer - Reach Out Project

Jane coordinates Reach Out, our project in which we deliver free workshops throughout Staffordshire on topics related to emotional wellbeing. The workshops can be in community venues or partner organisations such as other charities. We aim to self-empower people so they can make improvements to their own wellbeing.

Jane’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Know yourself. It’s as simple as that. Being self-aware will take you on the best journey of personal development and fulfilment. It takes consistent effort but is so worth it!


Kerry Marshall,
Toolbox Support Worker

Kerry interacts with service users to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, from which she will support them to develop more resilience with their emotional wellbeing. She seeks out resources to help sign-post service-users for support, and assist them with developing their goals.

Kerry’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Give yourself permission to stop and focus on yourself and take time out to do the things that you enjoy and make you happy. i.e..reading, walking, spending time with friends etc.


Tracey Hackett,
Toolbox Worker, Lichfield District

Tracey supports people by talking to them about their emotional wellbeing, good days and not so good days, the provision they already have and the support and tools they can use and put into place. We produce a self-care plan to complement self-awareness and mental health and Tracey is often able to tell people about groups, clubs, services and activities that they didn’t know existed.

Tracey’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Scheduling time for self-care, even if it’s only a few minutes a day. I love to be outside, looking at nature and noticing how beautiful it is, focussing on the positives in my life, however small they might be.


Emma Wicks,
Toolbox Worker for Lichfield & Tamworth

Emma supports service users through our Toolbox programme, discussing their mental health needs, highlighting their existing strengths and achievements whilst also identifying gaps in their support system. She signposts service users to other helpful organisations and implements healthy and positive coping strategies to support their anxiety and depression.

Emma’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Exercise! It helps to ease anxiety, boost your mood, improves energy and motivation, improves sleep and appetite, and can also improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

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