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Ian Scott

Ian Scott,
Chair of SNfMH

When he’s not keeping us all in check, Ian is also Treasurer for the Stafford branch of the National Autistic Society. He enjoys a round of golf and is often seen rummaging in the rough looking for small white balls! Ian is a fan of real ale and walking the dog – past-times that he often manages to do together!

After spending many years in corporate senior management, Ian feels that it’s time to give back to the Third Sector. He also has lived experience of anxiety and stress.

Ian’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Talk to your partner and friends, it really works to say some things out loud, knowing there is no judgement.

Jo Craig

Jo Craig,

As our Vice Chair, Jo brings a wealth of invaluable HR experience to the Board of SNfMH. As Head of People for Reserve Armed Forces & Cadets Association, Jo provides support, advice, and guidance to their one thousand-strong workforce who make things happen for our military reserves, cadets, and young people in local communities across the UK.

Jo works collaboratively with our other Trustees to provide strategic leadership and direction whilst ensuring compliance with regulation and legislation and overseeing policies and procedures to uphold transparency and accountability.

Jo’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Take time regularly to do a little bit of what makes you happy, something in contrast to any other activity you do and something that you can look forward to.


Tracey Nixon,

As a business owner and qualified accountant, Tracey brings a unique set of business skills to the Board of SNfMH. When she’s not working, Tracey enjoys a digital detox with long hikes. She’s also been known to sing and dance like nobody’s watching at concerts with friends, and by her own admission, loves the variety of work she undertakes every day.

Tracey’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Be aware that there is not a one-size fits all approach to self-care/wellbeing and you may have to try different things to find one that works for you.

Cheryl Turner

Cheryl Turner

Cheryl has run her own business since 2012. She offers copywriting and marketing support services to businesses. She also looks after marketing activities for SNfMH, including social media, blogs, and newsletters. Cheryl plays an active role in representing SNfMH to her wider business community to build relationships and support for the charity. She’s an avid cricket fan and self-confessed crazy cat lady!

Cheryl’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Stop worrying about what others think. Learn to accept yourself and stand tall.

Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy

Dave is an IT Consultant and has run his own business since 2001. With over 40 years of IT experience, over 30 years running his own businesses, and over 20 years as a member of various local business networking groups, Dave brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Board of SNfMH.

Downtime for Dave is spent reading and listening to music. His friends and clients all know him as Dave the Cake, so if you him out and about …

Dave’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Work to live, not live to work.

Jamie McKain

Jamie McKain

Jamie is a Business Consultant, specialising in helping businesses and individuals explore ways to improve their performance. With his vast experience in delivering complex projects and bringing together diverse teams, Jamie’s goal is to help SNfMH expand our reach into businesses and employers across Staffordshire.

Jamie is a husband, and father to two kids who are growing up very quickly. He’s also a music lover, and an amateur musician when time allows.

Jamie’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Your own bias will often focus on the negative. Spending 10 minutes each morning to be thankful, be kind to yourself, and list some simple positives in your life a great way to start the day.

Reena Kenth-Kalia

Reena Kenth-Kalia

Reena is a mum to a beautiful boy which keeps her super busy and happy. She works within Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) as part of the Mental Health Transformation team, and specifically looks at partnering with the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector. She loves spending time in nature, connecting with friends and family and travelling. With her lived experience and 12 years within mental health care both within the NHS and the third sector, Reena brings an array of skills, compassion, and empathy to supporting the SNfMH community.

Reena’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Identify your stress indicators early and have a toolkit of interventions that help - this could include talking to a loved one, going for a massage, exercising etc.

Darren Smallman

Darren Smallman

As the Director of Operations and Care at Albrighton Care, Darren oversees the provision of specialised residential care for children with learning disabilities and complex needs. As a Trustee for SNfMH, Darren has a strong background in strategic management, leadership, and development within residential services.

Darren’s Top Wellbeing Tip: Be physically active.

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