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Staffordshire Network for Mental Health (SNfMH) understands the unique challenges faced by members of the Armed Forces community.

In 2022, we conducted a survey to identify the specific needs of veterans and serving personnel in Staffordshire.

Supporting Our Veterans' Wellbeing

The Survey Revealed

High Rates of Mental Health Concerns
90% reported anxiety, 85% low mood, 66% depression, and 71% loneliness.

Demand for Support
70% wanted information on social activities to combat isolation, 67% sought emotional support, and 60% expressed interest in self-help sessions.


SNMH Military Mindset Programs

Toolbox Mental Wellbeing Support

These one-on-one sessions offer a listening ear (crucial for healing), needs assessment, and personalised support plans. Toolbox facilitators connect veterans with services and build self-management strategies.

Volunteer Toolbox Ambassador Program

We're recruiting 10 volunteers from the service community to train in delivering our Toolbox program specifically to veterans and their families.

Group Sessions and Therapies

Address issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma. These sessions are designed to help veterans develop a more positive mindset.

Self-Management Workshops

Workshops across Staffordshire offer practical skills for managing anxiety, building mindfulness, and developing positivity and self-esteem.


we work in partnership with specialist organisations to deliver our Thrive workshops. These are specifically targeted at those who have suffered PTSD. We are proud of the positive results we’ve experienced from our Thrive programme.

Building a Stronger Veteran Community.

SNfMH Military Mindset is committed to supporting veterans and their families in regaining control of their mental wellbeing. We offer a variety of programs to meet individual needs.

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