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Reach Out

Our Reach Out programme complements our existing Toolbox service, offering a range of workshops focused on confidence, self-esteem, anxiety management, and mindfulness.

Empowering Mental Wellbeing in Staffordshire

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Workshop Themes

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Explore healthy self-esteem, identify triggers for negative thought patterns, understand how self-esteem affects behaviour, develop assertive communication skills, and learn techniques to improve confidence and goal achievement.

Mindfulness and Positivity

Learn about negative thinking and how to cultivate a “healthy mind platter” with self-care and kindness. Discover positive grounding statements, relaxation techniques, and home meditation practices to boost positivity and release negativity that holds you back.

Anxiety Management

This session is designed for anyone experiencing worry, stress, or anxiety. You’ll explore a 9-point approach to anxiety management, including relaxation techniques like square breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, Benson breathing, grounding, and managing flashbacks.

Why Reach Out?

Bespoke Workshops

We’ve developed a range of tailored and structured workshops to address specific mental health needs.

Complements Toolbox

Reach Out workshops build upon our existing one-on-one Toolbox service for those facing isolation, loneliness, or low-level mental health issues.

Expert Delivery

Our workshops are delivered by trained staff and volunteers within the Reach Out Project.

Help Us Reach More People

SNfMH has a strong reputation for supporting mental wellbeing in Staffordshire. With your donations, we can:

Recruit an additional project worker to manage Reach Out workshops, volunteers, and our network of freelance facilitators.

Expand the number of workshops offered and reach more people in the community.

Reach Out: Feel stronger, feel better.

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